What's the best way to tell someone you've wanted them for 7 years?

The people have voted, and said I should just tell this guy how I feel, but where do I begin? We were instant friends, but he had a gf when we met. Then I didn't tell him after they broke up, because I wanted to give him some time (it was a 2 year relationship), and then it just never felt like the right time because I didn't want things to be awkward if he didn't feel the same way.

I started dating someone else, and we just broke up after over 5 years, and I haven't talked to this guy in almost 4 because I was always going to be more attracted to him. Still can't forget about him. We are going to be at the same party on Saturday. I know I need to tell him how I feel, but I"m not really sure how, or at what point. Do I just throw it out there? Flirt and bring it up later? Anyone done this before?


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  • I'd say flirt and give him signs you're interested. If you're more committed, you could tell him you like him. I wouldn't come right out saying you've liked him for 7 years. That could be a bit overwhelming for him. I'd save that one as a little secret you can tell him if things work out and you've been in a relationship for a while.


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  • I'm in a similar situation right now for a 6 year stint. Haven't told him. Maybe you're my inspiration.

    I don't think telling him about 7 year thing is the right thing but when you hug him hello whisper "gosh I've missed you so much. Nothing's been the same without you".

    See what he says.

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