Hanging Out vs. Asking Out. I wanna hang out with a crush without making it seem like a date?

I have a huge crush on this guy I've been talking to for a while now. We've been friends for a year but starting talking a whole lot more for months now. The problem though? We only talk by texting and whenever we see each other in person, we'll still talk but it's very awkward. We talk (or should I say, text) almost everyday and from time to time, we'll ask each other what we're up to for the day but it doesn't go where I want it to go. I'm trying to make an approach in a new different way because my dating history isn't so great. I just wanna be friends with him first. My overall question is, how can I ask him to hang out without making it seem like I'm asking him out? We're both runners so would asking him to go for a run together be a good start? I need advice and ideas on non-date like activities.


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  • So talk about a common interest and stop making your crush so obvious. Say, you both like golfing, talk about golfing and go play golf. At least the distraction of the activity will break the ice instead of being face to face and thinking what is he going to say next? while he reciprocates the very same thought.


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