Every guy is nice until I sleep with them? Am it jumping into bed too soon?

I've had a bad habit recently of liking a guy, he's nice to me, he's a gent so I think what harm could sex do? And they change after it's like a switch then I start feeling all disgusting and used..


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  • Sex is the only leverage women have over men. It's why they try holding onto it.

    We act more interested than we really are because, well... That's how we get it.

    Once we get it, why keep up the act? Have more going for yourself besides your body and you'll be fine.


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  • I slept with my gf on the second date, we now have a baby on the way, longest relationship I've been in. I slept with my ex on the second date, and the ex before that I slept with on the first date.

    When you have sex makes no difference at all to me, in fact if they try to make me wait longer I move on because I've waited for girls before and it's frustrating to put in all that effort only to find out they only like me as a friend or they like someone else, or worse, that they've been having sex with someone else the whole time. What makes me stay is their personality. If they're a bit selfish or bitchy or just boring I won't stay. If they have a good sense of humour and they're kind, caring etc. I'll stay.


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  • i think it depends on the guy

  • How long do you wait before you have sex with a guy?

    • Like first/second date

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    • If he was even considering pursuing a relationship with you, that goes out of the window if you have sex that soon he will wonder if you do that with every guy and won't feel like you challenged him.

    • As a guy, I would rather get to know you a bit more before having sex. 2nd date would be too early for me. I would rather date for a couple or few weeks just to get a better read on you and simply be more comfortable with you. Now, with these other guys, if everything was ok so far, including the sex, I don't understand why they are ending the relationship. Something is there they don't like or don't want.

  • I don't think the sex causes it. You just aren't waiting long enough to see what they're like. Anyone can be cool for 2-3 dates. Well, almost...