i'm into the worst possible guy ever?

I met this guy on a dating site back in April and held off really getting to know him until 2 weeks ago. He showed up in my Facebook friends suggestions and I added him. I realized we had so many mutual friends and it turned out we went to the same high school. I thought he was so nice, sweet and down to earth. I asked two of my closest friends if they had know him and high school and he's where it turned ugly...
the first friend said "He seems like a loser to me"
My 2nd friend told me she had pressed sexual harassment charges against him (long story but, they later were dropped and he had a girlfriend at the time), he drinks and does drugs a lot , he got a girl I know pregnant (I know this girl but, never asked who her ex boyfriend was) , he cheated on his girlfriend a lot, he's a liar and a bully. My 2nd friend kept telling me that it shouldn't change my opinion of him and he may have changed.

I did confront him about his child and he explained his side of the story. Anyway, I tried talking to him more just to see and he's still been nothing but sweet, kind and respectful to me. He's seems very cultured and intelligent and we have so much in common. I'm actually beginning to like him but, I don't know if I feel comfortable... What should I do?

Just to clarify also, the reason my friend hadn't told me this story before because we grew apart for a couple years in high school.


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  • Dangerous.
    Unless he's totally fucking changed, steer soooo well clear.


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  • Cmon, man. Why are you meeting dudes off dating sites? Awesome dudes don't need dating sites.

    • To be honest , I'm not sure how to meet guys outside of dating sites. I never dated in high school and I just turned 20 last week so yeah... Maybe you have a point lol

    • Well you need to figure it out cuz dating sucks = bleh

    • Jooocy answer ever.

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  • It sounds like a tough one however I believe that you shouldn't judge people on their psst, if he seems like he wants to move forward from all of it then msybe you should let him, however there is thr fear thst if he can fo all these horrible yhings to so many women what's to stop him doing something wrong to you? I'm afraid its your call

  • just stay away from that shit