How do I keep him interested and not resort back to all the things I know ruins us?

I have been 'seeing' my ex who i know doesn't want a relationship right now.
Honestly we both need to change some personal aspects of ourselves before we could have a relationship.
However, yesterday was perfect. I went his place, thinking we'd gone back to only being friends, not the case.
We cuddled on the couch, made out, watched rugby, had sex, had a shower, went and got dinner, ate that on the couch, cuddled more and then we went to bed.
He told me he cared about me and constantly did this cute head kisses when my head was turned.
One of the issues we've had is that we take 1 step forward and 10000 back. I know this is because i overthink ALLLLLL the time and it frustrates him.
We didn't talk since i dropped him at class this morning and i have this constant nagging on my brain on how to keep this up and make him interested in me, not resorting back to my old overthinking self... naturally this is probably overthought.
I also want to broach the topic of whether i'm just a fill-in until someone he likes comes along, but i don't want to upset him.


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  • Just got with the flow. Don't ask questions, don't analyze. Just follow his lead.

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