How to keep an older guy interested?

My friend is 17 years old and has a crush on a 24 years old guy. They both like each other but the big issue is their age difference, I mean he doesn't want to be with her or try something until she becomes an adult (18).. So, they have to wait about 5 months and she's wondering how to keep him interested until she turns 18 if that's even possible?

She doesn't have an account here so I'm asking instead of her..


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  • Her best bet is to do fun non sexual things with him and flirt her butt off. Tease the hell out of him.

    • Okay, thanks :) And you think it's possible to keep him interested for 5 months?

    • No way to know. If he likes her, as in really likes her, sure. If he won't wait a few months, he might just have a hangup about age difference or not be that into her, or be into someone else. All she can do is be fun to be around, which is the basis for the rest of the relationship anyway.

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  • just keep on doing what she's doing


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  • 5 months goes by fast.
    They can just keep talking and do simple things together like go
    ice skating, bowling, lunch , movies, park, beach etc.
    The only thing I see that will be different is that he will probably be getting her intimately in
    several months.
    That's not the only way to keep someone interested.
    Try building a solid connection with that person.