I'm dating a guy who has a girlfriend?

I'm dating a guy who has a girlfriend.. actually at first we we don't call it date.. but in reality what we are doing is really called date. We became so close to each other like we're more than friends. Since we're 3 hours away from each other since he lives in different city, he calls me everyday and makes sure that i feel appreciated, cared and loved by him. He even asked me to just let him do this stuffs to me because he wants to take care of me. I admit that i like him and yes... i think i love him. He makes me happy and always gets my attention.. The problem is that he is in a relationship... but they're in long distance relationship too, but they're mile miles away from each other.. he needs to book a plane ticket to see his girl that makes it so hard for them to reunite.
I like him... and it is not impossible to fall in love with him because of his sweet gestures.. but do you think he is just giving me Sweet nothings?

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  • I think this is horrible. You KNOW that he has a girlfriend yet you're still helping him cheat on her. That's just wrong. And also, what makes you think he isn't two-timing you as well? Clearly he has shown that he is not honest and has no morals. If he is doing this to his girlfriend, he'll do it to you too. Open your eyes.

    Is this really the kind of guy you want in your life? Find someone who wants you and ONLY you. Because obviously this guy just wants to play his girlfriend and you too since there's no way he's going to leave her for you. Guys who cheat rarely leave their girlfriends/wives. He's just doing this for fun. He's not someone you can trust.


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  • How can people trust a cheat. I'd tell him to wrap things up with his current girlfriend and if he truly likes you etc then be with you. It's not fair on his girlfriend to continue what you are doing!


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  • please ask the guy to be honest with his gf and break up with her. If he respects you he will do that. That said, as a girl in a long distance relationship I would like to know... wouldn't you too? It's not fair to the other girl (plz put yourself in her shoes).