Follow up setting where and when for date?

I met a guy the week before the 4th of July weekend when I had to go out of town. The next day he sent me a text and I responded the next day Following Monday he texted and asked me out "for food and drink" which I accepted and he asked when. I had a loaded week that week so I asked how about next Tuesday, which is now tomorrow. We were to meet after work. The last I heard from him was a text last Wednesday saying, "Sounds good! Let me see the choices we have... there are lots of then." What do I do if I don't hear anything else back?

  • Do nothing. Upon seeing him again, be polite but decline another date
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  • Send light hearted text asking where and when tomorrow night in a flirty way
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Hypothetically, what do I do if I hear from him tomorrow - the "day of" the date?
New Text "Since the last time we were in contact I have some vehicle issues and they may have to take my car tomorrow evening. Can I buy you lunch tomorrow? It would be a part personal business and pleasure lunch... if you are available." What to do?


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  • I would text and ask straight up where and when you guys are meeting. if he has issues he will make it known... No beating around the bush so to speak.


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