Does he genuinely like me, or is he just trying to get into my pants?

Over dinner he likes to hold and rub my hand. He gives hugs and kisses me on the cheek.

He likes to FaceTime me before he goes to sleep even when he's exauhsted.

Sounds sweet right? Eh...

But... He also compliments my body and boobs specifically. I'm a conservative girl, and he likes my "classy" style, and I do have a great figure if I may say so, but I'm not accustomed to men giving such aggresive compliments.


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  • Yes and Yes.
    guy are always trying to get into a womans pants.
    he sounds genuine. but is there really any way to know. You need follow your gut.
    if the only thing he talks about is sex then maybe he is just looking for that. but that is what is on guys minds. but he should be able to talk about other thing and only bring it back to sex when you do or after a while..

    • Haha no he doesn't only talk about sex
      When I shut down the conversation he politely moves on, sometimes he just wants to talk dirty or share his fantasies, or compliment my body.

    • well that is going to be any man. so that is normal.

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  • Since I don't know him or you, it's impossible to hazard an accurate guess. In general, if he's not trying to pressure and escalate physical stuff and you aren't putting out - the odds of you being with him because he likes you are higher than if the opposite happens.

  • Hold sex for as long as you can and sense the increase of pressure from his side to have sex. A guy who's looking for sex can not wait for much or will have sex with another girl while dating you. In case he has sex with another girl while dating you he will never pressure you as much but he'd already be cheating on you so there is risk there as well.

    • Good advice thank you

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