How often should you text a girl when you first start talking to her?

Ok so I started talking to this girl about two weeks ago and I've texted her about every other day since then, we went out on a date last weekend and it went really good! So now that we've gone on a date im just wondering should I stick to texting her every other day, should I wait longer to see if she makes a move, or would I not be a bad thing to text her two days in a row? I talked to her last night so Im not planning on talking to her today but I know she has a really hard day at work today, so I might just send her one text before I go to bed tonight saying that I hope everything went well for her today! what do you think? we are both 20 by the way


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  • Ok so a text everyday would be lovely. If she likes you and you like her, she'll appreciate it. Don't be predictable about what time you send the text , message her at different times every day. Make sure you don't initiate conversation more than once. Make her text you back and have her thinking about you.

    • when you say message her at different times every day do you mean start a conversation, talk for a while, and then wait a couple hours before I reply again so It stays random?

    • No I mean you text her om Saturday at say 6pm. That's one conversation. Its up to the two of you tp keep it going. Then on Sunday you text her at 3pm. It keeps things unpredictable in a sense.

    • thanks for most helpful :)

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