Should I go for a 2nd Date? Please help?

Hi everyone, please help.

I went on a date with a guy who I met online. I had a first date with him recently.

1. He seemed to have lied on his profile; he said he was 5'7 but I am 5'3 (or even shorter) but he was the same height as me

2. The first thing he said was he had ADD or Attention Deficit Disorder which meant he was very hyper, fidgety, lost focus or motivation easily. He told me he got depressed easily too and it took him a year and a half to find a job

3. He took food off my plate

4. He spilled beer all over the table

5. He spat a lot of food out when talking

6. He paid ten bucks for the meal and I paid 20. Mine was a bit more expensive tbh

7. He also grabbed my shoulder a lot

Ok, so I was wondering if all these things should be overlooked for a first date since he has told me he enjoyed meeting me and wanted to go for a second date.

Personally I thought we got on ok and he was genuinely a nice guy but I guess I was a bit put off by the dinner.

Please tell me your thoughts?


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  • Personally speaking, having had many an online date, even going so far as to having married an Egyptian who found me on Fb, then flying over to his country to tie the knot and live awhile, I can tell you from my own experience----You meet all types. This One sounds similar to someone who I had had spent One afternoon out in Brooklyn with And... End of story. However, it was something to do, something quite amusing, to say the least...
    The 'put off by dinner' would have been the least of my worries. Everything else sounded like a train wreck that happened to crash, and I don't think 'Seconds' is what I would want to chance. If it were me, I wouldn't have wanted to bother latching on to his caboose again------Personally. I think you can Do much better than this.
    It's your call, your choice. Not everyone is this honest John online, and of course, face to face, tells more facts. But I can tell you right now, it appears this Joe was a bit more honest with you than he needed to be on the First date, telling you Other things that he should probably have saved after a-----Few dates. And with his complete history, longer than body in height, it sounds like if you were to get mixed up with him, you'd be in for the ride of your life.
    Good luck. xx


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  • hahahah wow that dinner sounded awful. well don't let the dinner be the ruler of the outcome though. I mean do you feel like you wanna see him again?

    • i don't know, i don't think i feel anything for him.

    • if you know how you feel then you'll know what to do. yeah there is always the option of giving him a second date but if you really don't want to then just stop while you're ahead.

  • No, No, No, unless you are ok with the lying and you find item 3 - 7 a total turn on!


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  • Wow, when people aren't honest online to get a sudden surprise... Scary lol. What if you made him nervous with your beauty?

    • he did say i was really cute but i've already sent him pictures of me before

    • When you're face to face is much different l
      than online