I miss my ex boyfriend how do I get him back?

I miss him we dated for 1 year
How do I get him back


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  • Why did you two break up?

    • We broke up because I let people get into my head

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    • Say you made a mistake and want to get back together.

    • He said he DIDDNT he think we would last

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  • Why did you guys break up?

    if it was cheating or any type of infidelity on his part, I wouldn't recommend rekindling anything. OR If you did anything like that, I doubt he will want to speak to you..

    If it was over something small, like arguments, (small ones) not big crazy ones were you guys are killing each other, then I would say try and talk to him.

    Just remember that you have to take things slow.

    • I let people get into my head

    • You let people get into your head? About what? Cheating? lies? about things in your head or things they "made up" to get into yours?

      Words of wisdom, when your in a relationship. Its best to just be with that one person, cause everyone else around you will envy and do anything to break you guys up.

      My advice, contact your ex, and don't bring your friends along with you. Verbally or mentally.

    • Ok thank you

  • take off your clothes ;)


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  • I can try to talk but once guys get hurt it's hard they will forgive you specially if y left him