My one guy friend (who I also really like) started to ignore me, I didn't do much about it but I recently asked him and he said were ok, what do I do?

I asked him why he was acting this way (in the nicest way possible) and he said everything was ok. but I don't know what to do now! I wanna talk more cause schools out but I don't want to sound desperate and annyoimg.. help?

We were also really good friends at the beginning of the year, it happened really randomly.. I honestly think he liked me and he got the impression of me not liking him


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  • just casually try and talk to him. it won't come off as desperate unless you're trying to pick at him every single day multiple times throughout the day. just be casual about it and not to persistent.

  • I think if he was just happy with only being friends that nothing negative would have happened in the first place. I think he has deeper feelings for you, but realizes you only want to be friends, and so it is easier on him to not be around you. No body wants to be with someone you can't have. Too hurtful. In the end is it just easier to ignore them. I don't know how to take your description of how you like him. Do you really like him as only a good friend, or do you really like him as a potential lover?


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