Do you ever lament over the one who got away?

I get folks asking me. "How come he let you get away"? I am like "I dunno, you have to ask him".

So guys, when you drop a great girl, cheat on her, disappear, etc. Do you look back while sitting next to your mean ass girlfriend and wonder "why did I let her go?"

That song by Robin Thicke is a perfect example. He wants to get her back but never treated her like he wanted to keep her.

What gives?


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  • I've never had a regret because of someone else.
    But I missed a lot of opportunities because I didn't see the signals.
    Of course there have been some I could see the signs but didn't know how to take advantage of it.


    • Wow that makes me sad. Why not go for it?

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    • Ya guys can be pretty stupid at times. :-(

    • Thank you for MH.

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  • I've never had this problem. I am glad to be rid of all my ex's. And i have no intention of letting my girlfriend slip away. She's the only girl I've ever known that i can say with 100% certainty and honesty... i want to spend the rest of my life with her.

    • My question wasn't asking about. bad exs but the nice girls guys throw aside for trival reasons like a piece of ass.

    • Some of my male friends have done this yes.

  • I have but really try not to.

  • Yes, and if I never get her I will either destroy me, or the world.


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  • I think that goes both ways. Also the question "why the hell was I with X person? Why did it take me so long to leave?"