Has this "relationship" died out, before it got to even begin?

me and this guy I have known for a few months said last night when we were in the club.. "we are not going to work out".. "we are not going to work" ... he then said this later on in the night, and said something like " we are too good for eachother"
then he also said I really like you, I said why? he replies "cause you are hot" and said there no other reason.
he then ended the night and said.. I will call to you next week and we will have a romantic night, just the two of us, no one else.. we can go to the cinema or the beach..
he was very drunk that night.. but im guessing that things between us is over :( he is the most nicest guy in the world, perfect guy... all my friends tell me you have a good catch.. and that he is perfect... I wish I didn't have to lose him.. but I know I already have :(

should I mention anything? about him organising this date? what do I do? im 21.


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  • Yeah he is not interested in anything other than getting you into bed. trust me. If thats everything he said then its pretty obvious. He has established that he doesn't want a relationship with you "we are not going to work" but he is keeping you sweet by saying "we are too good for eachother". He has drunkenly let it slip what he really thinks "cause you are hot" (and that's all he said), he didn't say because you are nice, or smart, or beautiful... he said "cause you are hot."

    Sorry to say, but i don't think he's a keeper.


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  • I think if you follow up on this, you could be looking at an friends with benefits situation. The reason I say that is because he made it clear a relationship with you (in his estimation) will not work, but you're still hot and a date and... yeah.

    I think you shouldn't follow up. You need to experience life, relationship, and love.


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  • In my woman's mind, he said you two werent going to work out repeatedly becuase what you have is so good, and he is scared because it is that good. Obviously not how the guys on here are thinking. But thats the way Im interpreting it.