Why is he like this and is he even attracted to me still?

My bf gets boners alot. I notice when we are out he will get them when girls are around. not all the time but more then what he should. Why is that? And when he touches me or we are cuddling he doesn't get them. I feel like he isn't attracted to me but he says he is. We have been dating for almost a year and live together so we are with each other every night. Even when he touches me he doesn't get them only sometimes. He says I just think he gets turn ed on by other girls because I don't trust him completly.
Also was wondering if a guy goes from not having sex to having sex all the to me can they get turned on easier?


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  • Guys get random boners all the time, you can literally be thinking about what you had for breakfast while staring into space then all of a sudden 'oh fuck'.

    Dont worry yourself over it, if he wasn't attracted to you its unlikely you would have been together for a year

    • Well I don't know why they mostly happen when we are around other girls.

    • you're being paranoid. They will happen all the time, you will only notice them or put more meaning on them when other girls are around due to paranoia.

      For example, the number 13 is said to be unlucky. As such, you will naturally remember occasions where the number 13 was present in an unlucky sense rather than when it was present in a lucky sense.

    • That's true. Thanks for commenting it helped :)

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  • I'm not sure if this is your boyfriend's case. But mine tells me he usually gets spontaneous boners every day at around the 12-2pm range.
    He always gets those and doesn't know why, it just happens.

    • There not full on boners but I can tell by the way he acts and I can see it in his pants a little. Kinda makes me feel insecure because I feel he is not attracted to me anymore and is attracted to other girls.

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