Ladies which kind of man do you prefer to date and have a serious relationship with?

This is about the kind of man you want to date and or marry!



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  • high school quarterback who is gentleman but also a bad boy that know s how to have fun but when to calm down and grow up


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  • Loving, kind, gentle, compassionate, intelligent, good sense of humor, strong sense of ethics, decent, loyal, faithful, stable, sincere...


What Guys Said 1

  • Larry, Larry, listen!

    I know I am a dude and the question is for the ladies but think about this: When you look at the people around you, do you notice that there are only a certain people who are with a partner? Perhaps just the so called "winners"?

    The answer is NO!

    All kind of men around you are either married or in a relationship with women, or men in some cases. So, what does that tells you? Despite what the so called dating experts are trying to tell you, it does not take a certain breed or skilled savvy men to land a date or girlfriend or wife.

    If you look at your married and single people you know. Do you notice that the single ones are a bunch of losers? I bet you not. So there you go! There are women for every men out there!

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