If you can't make someone love you, what's the point?

If you can't ever make anyone love you, what's the point in even trying? If nothing you can do will ever make anyone love you, then everything you do is just stupid and pointless and empty and you may as well give up. This just proves that hope is just a stupid waste of time hope is absolutely worthless, you may as well give up. Nobody would ever willfully love me, and I can't make anyone love me, because no matter how much I care about them it means nothing!!! It's all just nonsense!!! It's fine, though, I girls as much as they hate me, I'm the type that likes to give back, it doesn't matter, I'm incapable of feeling love, at least, I am now.


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  • I felt the same way at your age. It's okay. I still have that stupid thing called hope. I hope this one guy likes me as more than a friend. Hope helps you persevere. lol anyways If I give up, then nothing will happen. If I don't try, nothing will happen. If you want something to happen, then you try. As mean as it sounds, girls can smell desperation. You sound like a sweet guy just trying to fall in love. You've given her your all, but she doesn't even want it. Try to stop giving her attention. Give someone/something else your attention. Let the girls come to you and then give that girl your all. Don't love a girl that doesn't even deserve your love. Just because one girl doesn't love you doesn't mean that you're incapable of feeling love.


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  • It's true you can't make someone love you, but why would you want to? If you have to MAKE her love you, then she's not the right girl. The right girl will fall in love with you on her own accord.

    You're under 18, so give it time. You haven't found her yet.

  • Was this really a question you needed an answer to, or was this just a rant? Seems like you're ranting.

    • A bit of both, though, I want to learn how to stop being like this, I guess, I feel like my hopes and ideals were basically shattered.

  • the point is that you are trying and you dont want to turn around and be like "oh well i could have tried but its too late." in the end hope is the only thing you have and you can't just disgard it like it doesn't matter because it does, and besides if your just losing hope because somebody doesn't feel the same way then how do you think all those who are deprived of food and love and homes feel?

  • Move on, i won't waste my time anymore because they don't have any feelings for me.

    • How do you move on?

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    • It's just, every time I meet a girl, I think things might be different, but they aren't, my life's basically like that movie, 500 days of summer

    • You are young, just focus on your studying other than girls. Everyone will be different when you get to college



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  • Some have said that the definition of insanity is repeating the same unsuccessful behavior with the expectation of a different result.

    With that in mind, the most alarming red flags here are, as I see it, is your attitude and your naivete. You are apparently repeating patterns and behaviors that have yielded the same negative results, over and over and over with the same expectation.

    You are essentially giving to takers. And, generally, those who have different motives and intentions and thereby trusting them to reciprocate your feelings and generosity. In your willingness to give, you have left your emotional fort unmanned and thereupon impairing your sense of judgement of others.

    You see, no one should have to go out of their way to be extraordinarily nice, friendly, or attentive to get someone to love them. Which, of course, is often seen as insecurity and needy.

    And in many cases as such, the guys put women on a pedestal over the entire course of their interactions. The women look down on the guys, and the guys, on the other hand, look up to the women.
    Thus, the women ultimately lose respect for the guy. Due not to the guy's niceness. But, due to the fact that the women are uncomfortable with being praised as epitome of perfection and also feeling like they are dating an unequal.

    This is just an example of why love should come naturally and why individuals should not love blindly. Next time, I advice you to approach the experience with practicality. Also be objectively observant.


  • The problem here, is that you are holding on to ideals you think are right. That are absolutely wrong.

    You do not have to force anyone to love you. As you discovered, it is not possible.

    You are ignoring a fundamental truth, and that is, if the person does not love you, they are not right for you, and pursuing love with them is actually a bad idea, you are wasting your time.

    The second notion you are holding onto that is utterly false, is that it is impossible that anyone can willfully love you. That is self- pity talking and it is absolutely self destructive. it prevents you from ever growing, and growth is what you need. Growth, and maturity. Those things never come when you are feeling worthless. When you "feel" like everyone is rejecting you.

    It's just feelings. Yeah, they are important, but right now, yours are not grounded in reality.

    Right now, there is someone out there for you. But if you fall into self pity and worthless feelings, if you do not realize you have worth, and value, far and above money, you will never be mature enough to be ready to share your life with someone else.

    Stop letting your heart attach to people it burns for. Our hearts deceive us all. They are not grounded in reality, but fantasy. We need our hearts. But left unchecked, they will deceive us into thinking our lives depend on someone we are not compatible with, loving us. When that is not true.

    The woman who is waiting for you out there, is going to love you for you. The moment she looks at you, she is going to know you are the man she wants to be with for the rest of her life. The only way to know for sure, is to rely on your instincts. Instincts are often no fun, and painful as they douse the emotions of the heart.

    Learn to listen to your instincts. They will never let you down. You have a future, and love ahead of you, but you have to be ready to receive it. The only thing worse than not getting it, is getting it, and not being ready.

  • Love is not always the goal and making someone love you cannot be a girl either..