Should I believe what he's saying?

Me and this guy recently started talking about 2 weeks ago. I've known him for about a year but I just now decided to give him a chance. He's in the navy and he's 4 years older than me. That hasn't had any affect on our relationship though. I try to be there for him when ever he needs me. We click really well, great conversation and we both have the same goals in life. Well the other night I was looking at his Instagram and he had a girls initials in his bio with a heart. When I skyped him I asked him if he had a gf and he said it's complicated and they're basically over. I was like if it's really basically over y'all would've been broken up. He said they haven't really talked and the distance was to much for him. I just told him I felt like I couldn't trust him because that's something he should've told me from the beginning, and now it just makes me think if we were in a relationship and having problems he would do the same thing. He just told me he was scared to tell me because he really likes me and didn't wanna loose me, he's just wants another chance and to show me I can trust him. Should I give him that trust or is he playing me. (Him and his gf are really broken up now).


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  • Tough situation... in a way I can see where he's coming from. He likely had to sort things out with his old gf but at the same time wants to see where things go with you. The fact that they are officially broken up now says a lot though. My advice is that you should talk to him about the part where he told his ex that the distance was too much... that is very bothersome. I think he should be straight with you about the future and what he sees because as you said, if it was once a problem then how will it not be a problem again this time around.

  • you just started talkin to him 2 weeks ago. don't trust shit he says. it needs to be proven and verified first lol

    u don't know for a fact they really broke up. he wouldn't tell u if they weren't. he probably is still with her especially if he had her initials in the bio a couple days ago. and if its still COMPLICATED then that shoul tell u something.

    start talking to other guys and keep him on the backburner