Tips and advice for dating a military guy?

So he's not active right now and the reason is because of an injury he got but still I would like to know what to expect especially since he was in the reserves. Thanks :)

Sorry I should have said he is retired at the moment and from what he's been telling me for the moment he has no plans to enlist again at the moment.


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  • Before you approach him, ask where the mine field is :-)
    Actually, the only advice is: be yourself just as with anyone. Do not "adapt" yourself too much since in a relationship it's important to learn to know each other as you are.

    • Thanks for the most helpful!
      Did you have and enjoy the date?

    • Not yet but I'm pretty calmed about it, he is busy so still haven't been able to do it and yeah we both have lives lol but besides that everythings good :)

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  • There isn't really much advice to give. My brother was in the navy and I have friends in the army right now, they are just people. If he signs up for the reserves again you have to be ready to wait for him whilst he is deployed, there is always the chance he will die or get seriously injured also. The best advice really is to not get involved with his work. If he signs up again, make the most of your time together and try not to get upset over his work, especially if he gets deployed. When he is not at work he will want to relax and just be happy with you

  • Well the reserves are actually who they end up sending first now a days. And be prepared for the fact that he could get deployed and killed it's just a good idea to make peace with that.


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