Should I write this girl off as a loss?

Met her on dating website and went out with her twice. First date was a coffee date and she wanted to leave after 1 hr of meeting, when we leave I offered to walk with her but she said she gotta go other way and gave me a one armed good bye hug.

I thought she is not interested but she text me 2 days later and I asked if she wants to catch up and she agree.

I called her to say hi but she didn't answer the phone but would reply to my messages.

When we met for lunch as 2nd date I paid and later on I tried to test the water by putting my hand on her back she didn't react to it. At the end of 2nd date we grab a coffee she insisted on paying.

I tried to guide her through the crowd by putting my hand on her back again and she moved away from me. As we leave i tried to kiss her lips but she turned away and said good to see you bye.

I texted her the next day she did reply but she dind't invite any more conversation.

COuld she be shy? she texted me first after first date. Also she did reply my text after second date and she offered to pay for coffee at the end of second date.


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  • I would. She's not really giving off positive vibes.

    • Why did she go out for 2nd date then?

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    • This girl does a lot of martial art but she looks very feminine. Picture her as one of those Charlies Angels.. I'm not sure if I would try too much physical contact...

    • She's into you if you ask her out. ALWAYS approach a woman like she wants the contact, let her tell you 'no'.

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  • Sorry but I don't think she is shy, she probably is being polite to reply your text. Also offering to pay means nothing.. she could be buying it out of guilt cos she knows she won't see you again.

    Anyway instead of asking us, you should ask her if she wants to see you again.

  • I'm not really sensing positive vibes. This may be brutal to hear, but she probably only said yes to the second date in fear that if she didn't it would hurt you by the sounds of thing. Move on and if she initiated contacting you first give her ONE more date to fix things. If not, you've got your answer.

  • Wow, I don't think you could have gotten a worse vibe from her... she's not interested.


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  • Yeah move on, even if she does invite you out again sounds like a waste of time.