Has anyone felt like this before?

Has anyone felt like you can do anything for someone you love before? Or even act recklessly? It was like not the person like you use to? it doesn't matter Girl or guys. have you ever felt like that before? share your thoughts and experience :D


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  • When it is like that, I don't know if it is love. It might be only infatuation. Love usually doesn't make you act recklessly, but that's just my opinion. Love actually makes you a better, more balanced person (if the relationship is a healthy one). Love makes you want to be the best version of yourself, not only for you, but also for him.

    • okay i get it.. So last time I was acting like that because of infatuation. Thanks for telling me and remind myself not to be that one again. :)

    • I may be wrong, but yes, I think that's it.