I have these guy friend who is dating two lady's?

These guy friend of mine is dating a lady that he as been with for awhile and now he is dating a second lady behind his first girlfriends back and calls them both is gilrfriends and he doesn't think he is cheating. I do not know if I want to have a friend like that , that uses lady's like that. Should I tell someone because I really do not want to hear anymore about them. I just have a feeling something well go wrong. We lady's have to stick with the lady's to get them through the rough patches of a break up. What should I do?

He as been dating the first for a long time and the first one does not know about the second one. I can not be friends with someone that cheats on lady's.


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  • It is NONE of your business.

    For all you know, he has told each of them they are not dating exclusively.

    • Whatever , he as been dating the first one more than second one , and that's not cheating gosh you guys are all a like

    • Unless they've had a conversation about dating exclusively, then he's not doing anything wrong.

      Girls should not just assume they are in an exclusive relationship. Have the fucking conversation.

    • Sorry just looking out for a friend that's all

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  • you can pick your friends. if your friends are doing things that you have issue with whatever decision you make is fine.

  • While it's not your business how he chooses to conduct his social life, what is your business is who you choose to be friends with, and close with. Rather than tell one or both of these females, I would try being a real friend and talking to him. Let him clarify the situation, since he is the only one in control of his actions. Conversations can be very enlightening. Go into it with the idea that you're there to learn, and not accuse, and see how it goes. Post the results though!

  • If they're not exclusive, he's not cheating. If they are exclusive, he's cheating. If he's not cheating on you, it's not really your business. If you dont' want to be friends with a guy who is cheating, then tell him that and just avoid contact.


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