If I'm a social out going guy why do I awlays end up liking quiet shy girls? They awlays get my attention first and for most. Opposites attract maybe?

Like I have girls that just openly hit on me and are super flirty but I awlays get annoyed and go for shy girls that never end up working out cause i can't get them to open up lol.


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  • we shy girls tend to be not so trust worthy my best guess is have patience and all will work out in the end...
    and you go for these girls because you like these kind of girls - ask yourself if you can find a potential partner would you go for a girl who is flirty with almost everybody and has plenty of friends who may or not approve of you - I could be wrong but to me out going or extroverted girls are more of out there like if you can ask her a private question she will say it just like that plus you get annoyed with them meaning they are very open and shy girls well we are shy - its hard to get us to open up because I do not trust easily and well I am very aloof but once you get me talking you will not be able to shut me up at least this is me but take your time with them if your patient you might just as well find out as to why you like shy girls

    • I've had girls say hi to me all the time and approach me but be noticibly shy and talk to other guys fine. I approached them and they blushed and never gave me an answer or when I give them my number they never texted. she kept acting the same shy way towards me and kept looking at me. Im just get annoyed that I have to do so much work and they never come out of their shell.

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    • Just be honest with her and tell her how you feel and if you think about it people rather hear the truth than a lie so just tell her how you feel just say look I find you interesting and if you feel the same way lets try to see where this goes - if you told me that I would give you a chance

    • I can't believe I'm going to do this lol I never thought I would try three times. I'll see what happens I'm going to wait though cause I'll see her next semester and it would be better to say in person. Plus she said she would text me and said cya next semester as she walked away after our last conversation. I'll wait the three weeks until we move into the apartments.

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  • Thats nice to hear.
    You just have to be patient with those girls and show them you're serious about them and Im sure it will work out :)

    • I do get frustrated last semester this girl kept smiling at me and saying hi all of the time. I caught her staring at me every day and I made my move e and she blushed and never gave me an answer. She was too shy to talk to me and it was so awkward when I did approach her. I gave her my number and she never texted me but kept blushing around me. She would freeze up and I still think she likes me but is so shy.

    • I think you should keep talking to her if you really like her

    • I haven't seen her in 2 months and she apparently had a bf and dumped him after 2 days. I reached out saying I like her still and the next day she had a bf lol. She dumped him in a day after I reached out but never contacted me so idk. I don't want to reach out again.

  • I'm not saying that's how you are but my male friends that like dating shy quiet girls is because they wanna do stuff like go out but don't want their gfs to do the same and they known the quiet shy girls are less likely to go out without you or go out at all unlike outgoing girls that won't have that prob. And it seems easier to cheat on quiet shy girls than it does with outgoing girls. Or sometimes guys want a girl they can "control" and shy girls are easier to dominate.

    • I'm not like that lol I'm actually really respectful and I am a virfgin still by choice so I won't cheat.

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    • Sure

    • Email me at cookiecrumble06@gmail com then ill give you my hangouts id or kick username whatever you prefer

  • Opposite do attract. Maybe you get enough social interactions from your friends so at home you want someone more calm

    • I lived in a dorm theirs plenty of social life chances there so I probably grew tired of flirty ppl.

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