Is there a way to tell if a girl is jealous of another girl?

I'm pretty sure this girl I work with is into me and I her, but she has a bf and I have a gf. We are just friends, but I feel like she gets jealous of other girls. Last year when I brought my gf in I introduced her to her and she like quickly looked my girl friend up and down with a mean judging look, my gf didn't see it. Then this year I brought her in with my nephew and she came up to us, she seemed nervous who his standard for her. She made eye contact with me on the way over then like did this look away thing (could be nothing). Then I said he have you meet my girlfriend and introduced them, she did an awkward handshake (par for the course lol), and maintained strong eye contact with my girl and basically stood there not really talking to us but rather my 2 year old nephew the whole time. Then she looked up and her face was blotchy red and she was kind if sweaty lol, also par for the course. It was awkward as she normally is lol, then she just sort of walked away without saying anything like "nice to meet you" or anything.


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  • i hope your girlfriend reads this on gag so she can dump you before you cheat on her...

    sounds like you think about the work girl a lot and overanalyze everything huh? when is the last time you thought that much about your current girlfriend? ever thought of doing something romantic for her?

    • All the time babe all the time

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    • yea here's my thought: you nasty manwhore pig cheating unfaithful fake loveass fake boyfriend!

    • Lol...

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  • It sounds as if she really is jealous that she gets to have you. I don't understand any other reason for her to look someone up and down that they just met and done no harm to them...

    • That's what I'm saying

  • Why would you even care when you already have a girlfriend? If you're curious about whether she likes you or not then just ask her. Don't stay in a relationship though if you're gonna cheat.

    • Not gonna cheat just asking a question! Thoughts on my question? :)

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    • Thanks what was weird about the second time? And why do you think she's weird? I do too!

    • I think for the same reasons as you.. Lol. Don't worry to much about it.

  • Sometimes people roll their eyes without knowing it... This could be jealousy or the fact that person annoys the crap out of them. I'm thinking you're on the mark when it comes to this scenario.

    • She didn't really roll her eyes it was more of looking her up and down

  • How long has she been dating her bf
    How long have you been dating yours

    It seems like she likes you

    • How so?

      Both if us a couple years...

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