Need some help with trying to figure out a good 5th date?

I've been dating this woman for about a month and for some reason I'mhavibg a writer's block for what to do this weekend. We done the following-
1st- dinner and movie
2nd- bowling
3rd-mini golf
4th- beach and botanical garden

I'm hoping we can do something on Friday night and I was thinking of either doing an evening picnic, playing pool, or see a movie. Saturday may be another option but we did a day thing last weekend and I kinda want to switch it up. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Also we both live at home so I'm not to find ofof inviting her over just yet


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  • If your into sports take your girl to the field for a picnic
    set up a romantic place candles, wine... things you both like.

    Or maybe a romantic dinner/picnic at a lake

    or if you live close/near a beach a picnic at sunset

    whatever your heart tells you- follow it

  • If she's into art, you can take her to a gallery or an exhibition, or if You live in a city a nice, long, romantic walk in a downtown would be great. The way I see it, it just really depends on a city that you live in and everything that it has to offer. ;)

    • Thanks for the response, yeah I live in the suburbs and there is a lot of options just feels like we've done most of them already.

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