Do you think he's genuinely crazy about me? Or is it weird that he's moving so fast?

So I met this guy on a dating website. We got along well and enjoyed talking to one another. He knew I was looking for a relationship and not anytbing casual.

He gave me a lot of his time and asked a lot of questions about me. He also shared a lot of personal information about himself.

I liked he didn't hit on me or push to go on a date. He would just suggest he wanted to and let me take it how I wanted.

I met him in person and he seems extremely interested in me. We went on two dates and he's already talked to me about giving up a major lifestyle choice he has that I don't agree with.

He seems to be a little protective of me and doesn't like me talking to guys. He won't tell me what to do or be a jerk about it but he definitely gets a little jealous if I talk to a guy in front of him. He tries to play it off as casual definitely.

He told me he likes me a lot and that he is very attracted to me. He also told me I make him nervous. He also seems to respect me and my beliefs and wants to know about them.

He definitely remembers tiny things about me and what I like. He also texts me a lot and tells me how much he likes spending time with me. He told me he wants to be honest with me and tell me anything I want to know about him.

He isn't touchy feely either. He just hugs me and touches my hand a little when we talk.

Do you think it's okay that he is coming on kind of strong? I'm so surprised by how into me he seems to be! We only talked for a week before going on a date.

Any thoughts on my situation?


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  • Hahaha. My bf also came off quite strong in the beginning. But we are still together. That jusy means he really likes you and is serious about you. Just of you feel uncomfortable wiyh anything, calmly explain why. Be honest. If he cares about you he will listen and compromise. Usually guys know 1st if they are really into us or not.

    • Thank you. And hope all is going well with the both of you. Much luck to the future ;)

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  • I can't comment on him. I can only ask how he makes you feel. Since you took the time to ask the question, I have to assume that his behavior bothers you a bit or it's setting off an alarm for you. My thoughts on the situation is that you always need to stick with your gut. If things aren't totally adding up for you with him, then I am sure your inbox is filled with other guys to take his place.

    • I honestly don't get a bad vibe. I just haven't dated before so I don't know what to expect

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    • You haven't dated before? Well let me tell you, online dating can be fun, but people also put on fake faces was use it as a hookup tool. Which is fine if that's what you want. Take your time with this guy. Make sure he's genuine about being in a relationship and not just looking for a good time partner on the low.

    • Yeah I'm definitely taking my time. He seems to want a relationship because he said he would really like to date me. I also told him I don't hook up and he's still making an effort.

      But I definitely will take my time with him to be sure.

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  • It depends what you look like and whether or not he is attracted to you. He seems genuine but be careful - guys can play the game and sometimes they are good at it. If your careful, I think you should be fine.

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