Approached my crush today, what do you think?

before I say what happened, I've seen this guy a lot of times in the past but neither of us said anything to one another, and he's always staring at me so I decided to break the ice by introducing myself.
I walked up to him while he was with a couple friends, and asked him for his name and so on.. he kept the conversation going and made eye contact the entire time. I kept the convo short and said I'll see him around then I got back to my friends.
The next time I saw him he was smiling and seemed happy, but didn't say anything. What should I do next?
He seems like a pretty confident guy so I'm sure he'd talk to me if he wanted to... right?

And did I approach him awkwardly? What do guys think of girls talking to them? What are the signs he's interested in getting to know me?


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  • Usual signs of interest would be him longing to engage in a conversation with you.. If numbers aren't exchanged and you guys aren't on Facebook or something than their might be a lack of interest from him. Try pulling him aside and talking to him by himself maybe that would help? or message him or something

    • I have him on facebook, but no we haven't exchanged numbers yet... Wouldn't it be a little weird to approach him the second time and pull him aside?

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    • honestly school Is kind of tough really... If he's not shy and hasn't made an effort to talk to you then he's probably not interested.. make an excuse to message him on Facebook ask him a question... seriously don't be scare.. the worst he could say is he's not interested. then you move on.. dont force something that wasn't meant to happen

    • Thats true. Thanks :)

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  • I don't think it's going to work out.

    • Haha, why's that?

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    • Sounds good to me, I'm not sure why it 'isn't going to work out'

    • I don't see why that would be a bad thing. :)

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  • First of all, props to you for just walking right p to him! A lot of girls aren't able to do that due to shyness or embarrassment. To answer your question, take it slow if by any chance, which I'm sure you do by possibly seeing this guy later. Guys will be guys and try to seem all cool by playing hard to get even if he really does have feelings for you, and by the way you talked about it he seems too (: When you seem him again just give him a smile or a wave... get to know him more and occasionally make small talk with him. Soon enough, once you feel comfortable ask for his number to talk more! Good luck!