Is it ever too soon to give a gift?

I really like this girl who I've known for a week and a half (I've met her face to face once but I am planning a date within the next week). We got along so well on a night out, we were drunk but that doesn't matter at all.

We both really like this band who are fairly indie and she's told me that she has all of their stuff pretty much apart from one poster. She loves sticking stuff up on her walls and it would be an ideal gift for her. I want to thank her for coming down on the night out with me and for driving me and her friends to the beach when she was hungover and very tired.

This would be such a great gift because it's cheap, associated with her favorite band and it shows that I listen to what she says and I want her to feel happy. Thing is do you think it's a bit too soon? I don't want her to feel as though she has to give me a gift in return, I just want to give her something that will make her feel great while also improving our relationship.

Thanks! Replies much appreciated! :)


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  • Eh, I might get it then hang on to it for a little while longer. But it's a cute idea.

    • Yeah that's what I was thinking, unless she gets it for herself before then haha

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    • Don't worry about what "works," you don't want a girl to like you for being someone else anyway, no?

    • well yesterday I acted 100% like I am. A bit shy, very thoughtful and funny (I'm not boasting haha)

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  • "I just want to give her something that will make her feel great while also improving our relationship."

    Erm, you've met her once, I dont think thats a lot of time to establish much of a dynamic between two people, what if she says no to the date, or doesn't see you in that way. You sure are confident but dont automatically assume she will feel the same way back. you really need to spend time with someone, like a lot of time before considering them as relationship potential

    • That's very true. I'm not saying that I automatically view her as girlfriend material right now (although she does come very close this early on). I just want to let her know that I do really like her because I haven't said it yet, I've only hinted at it by us messaging each other every day

    • ahh right well sorry didn't know you've been messaging each other, just play it cool, dont be too forward. subtle hints like putting your arm round her or complimenting her are probably best. be a gentleman and take an interest in her and her life. As in let her know you like her but dont try and kiss her at first or make an obvious move, just my opinion anyway.

    • That's what I've done so far. We went out on a night out and we got back to mine and nothing happened between us which I was so happy with because it would've ruined our relationship no doubt. I think she appreciates that I didn't try and make a move on her when she was drunk or suggest anything more than just cuddling and sleeping together