Can someone help me figure this out?

I met this guy at school a year ago and we were in a relationship with other people at the time. We had a couple of classes together and we seemed to get along pretty well. He's a really nice guy. Now, that we are both single he told me he was interested in me. From there on we started talking more. Recently, he claimed we were together now.
The problem is: he texts me and then completely stops. I use to think he was busy but then I found out he's been on social media talking to his friends. And when I asked him if he wanted to go out for a movie he ignored my question. & we are returning to school in August and I don't know what'll happen or if he'll even care about me.


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  • I feel you on this one, summer break is pretty bad for relationships considering the fact that you don't see this person everyday as you would in the school year. It might just be a coincidence, or it might be something that you need to talk with him face to face about. Next time you meet him face to face, talk to him about it.


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  • It sounds to me that he is More 'Single' on social media' than 'Together' with you. And on top of this, he has put you on his pay no mind list, unlike the so-called 'friends' and Other company he is keeping. This is raising a red flag with me, and it should You as well. I guess i don't have to say anymore on This Class And----Crash------course.
    If he is pushing a few buttons, which no matter how you slice the pie, he Is 'Busy,' but it's not with you, the next time you hear from him, tell him you're 'Busy' and it's 'Intermission' right now until------School in August.
    He's playing games with your head and your heart, sweetie, and although you Think he is this 'really nice guy,' this One in my book of Etiquette, just------Finished last.
    He obviously Wanted to stay 'Single' as His Stats, and even have his sweet cake and eat it too by telling you 'We're together now.'
    Move on. He can't be trusted. He's still at that adolescent age. If he were truly Into you, he wouldn't be socializing behind your back, pushing More And less of your own buttons on your end.
    Good luck. xx