Please Help Me Help My Friend?

Hello everyone. My friend is in a dilemma and it would very nice if I could have some intelligent help, advice or input to help me help her, please.

(Names have been changed for protection)

My friend, Shelly has been seeing a guy named, Collin.

She really is interested in him but is contemplating whether he is interested in her...

It's stressing the poor girl out... she wants to know whether this guy is worth her time and effort. But there's some doubts in her mind, if he's a 'player'

After knowing each other for a while, one thing lead to another and they ending up hooking up, after some drinks one night in May.

They have been texting from time to time since then, but they haven't seen each other once, until today.
Red flag? Within those two months, there is a probability that this guy could be flirting, hooking up or seeing other girls. Suspicious behavior leads to no good.

Shelly and I went to a nice restaurant to celebrate her fantastic job opportunity, today. She decided to invite Collin to meet up with us for drinks there.
She was so surprised to see that he showed up.
He seemed like a nice, mellow guy.. he also seemed a bit tired... he was polite and engaged in some small talk with Shelly. Then he left early because he said he was about to "pass out" from how tired he was...

Shelly thought this was an excuse to leave. I thought he was genuinely tired.
Maybe it was both. Maybe he felt he was intruding on us. Maybe it wasn't as fun as he thought it was going to be.
Either way, if he truly cared about being with her, he would have made an excuse to stay rather than an excuse to leave.

What do you take from all of this? Should she keep pursuing this guy? Do you think she should just forget about him? Please share your thoughts.


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  • It not much to go on. To really tell. All I can think of is it a good change he was just really tired and wanted to sleep. If a guy really just wanted a hook up it be on sex mostly and really wouldn't wanna get to know her in a emoionaly level. But if she thinks he a player that a whole diff game since the really good players know how to play and come off as the nice guy and can be in a relationship as well as be with many other girl etc. and true it has been two months since the hook up it a bit of a red flag but to be safe give it some time but since she is single I always tell my friends it not wrong to get to know othee guys and to be open minded that the other guy may not work out. It not wrong to meet other girls and get to know them so he can be doing the same since there not dating so it wouldn't be wrong or cheating so it best to play it cool and just let time tell. As well as meet other guys the right guys will ask your friend out.


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  • If Shelly was worried about being played, she wouldn't have put out so quickly. I do appreciate you changing the names, if you had said her real name I would have known who you were talking about. She doesn't think he's interested, she shouldn't invest a lot of time into him

  • Are you Shelly?


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