Is it okay to be straight opposites with the guy your dating?

Ok so I'm dating this guy and I feel sort of bad and think that it might not work out did a couple reasons. I really like him but I feel like maybe were too different. First off I'm a girly girl. I like getting my nails done, having long hair and I love glitter and sequin and partying with my girls. The guy I'm seeing is kind of a nerd. He loves starwars, Pokemon and his idea of fun is sitting in from if a big fire. My ideal date would be something original like going to a museum or art gallery, he seems to like the traditional dinner dates and I hate eating in front if people that I'm not confrontable around so I always just get salads that i can't finish. He likes to take the lead which I'm ok with but it makes me not fully open up so I'm usually really shy around him and that's not me at all I guess I am at first so will see if that one changes or not. I just think his friends are so werid and he seems to have a lot if friends while I have a small circle.

Don't get me wrong I like him I just don't know if I like him as much as he deserves. And I'm jealous of all his girl friends cuz I feel he has way more in common with them and they will always know him better then I ever could. I wanna love him for the unique beautiful man he is and I fairly new so I hope we can find a connection but right now it's not really there. When we kiss and cuddle I just feel so much chemistry and I really like him in the moment but after we haven't seen each other in a while i feel like I'm not so into him anymore. He seems like he's really into me and everything but sometimes he can feel quite distant.

Like I said it's new so maybe that's why and I wanna make it work I just wanna know can two people who are so different possibly find a connection and fall in love? If I try am I wasting my time? Or is it possible if we like each other enough? Thanks

I'm also 19 and he's 22 if that changes anything


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  • It's ok to not have everything in common with your bf. Opposites attract. Plus would you really want a guy who's similar to being a girly girl?

    He probably finds your girlyness attractive and cute. And his interests don't have to be yours but that doesn't mean you have to completely avoid topics he likes either.

    Sometimes when people you love are interested in something that you never cared about, it can make you like those things too, even if you ONLY like it when you're with them.

    For ex. I ALWAYS hated football (American) no matter how hard my parents tried to force me to like it (football family lol). And trust me they tried. But when my little brother started playing I would go to all his games and cheer for him and really love to watch him play.

    And my BF is into action movies, fighting type movies and movies about crime, thugs or mobsters. Which I hated. But he got me into them and honestly they are some of my FAVORITE now. 😊

    You could try watching his star wars type movies and stuff with him sometimes and if its completely boring, find cuteness in how much he enjoys it and playfully tease him about his nerdy interests. 😜

    Invite him to go to the museum and do things you like to do as well.

    Be open and friendly with his friends. You don't only have to be friends with people who are just like you, you know? And you don't have to be super close with his friends either. Just show that you are a fun, sweet girl. That's all that matters.

    Its ok to be shy but try not to completely shut down. No one cares what you're eating or how you eat or anything like that unless they are a weird asshole LOL. Give yourself time to warm up to his friends before writing them off.

    As for his girl friends. Don't compare yourself to them. He wanted you to be his girl for a reason!

    It sounds like you really like him and he likes you too. I think you should give this relationship a fair chance and just try to be more open before you break it off.

    • ThAnk you so much this was great advice! :)