Girlfriend didn't text me first! Help?

Lately my girlfriend has been texting me first a lot. I really like it because it let's me know she's thinking about me. But today she didn't text me at all! I actauuly had to do it. Do you think that she is losing interest and isn't thinking about me? Or am I overreacting?


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  • yeah u r overreacting. she was probably busy and didn't have time to tx u or she was just waiting for u to tx that time. the same thing happened to me. i kept txing my boyfriend over and over again cuz i missed him and he always kept the conversation on longer then needed :) saying the nicest things.. but then i stoped cuz i thought i might be annoying him or he might be busy. and plus that, i was just wondering why HE wasn't txing ME first cuz i REALLY wanted him to do that.. thats probably what she wanted. when a guy txs first it means SOOOOOOO much to a girl for some reason cuz we get so excited and smile at whatever u say. she most likely just wanted u to tx first or was just busy. so dont worry about it to much


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  • I think your over thinking it. To me it possible she was busy. Or maybe she was tired of always texting you frist and felt you may not be interested so she wanted to she is you would text her instead first. I feel try to make it abit even so both of you feel like both care and are interested.

    • Well she wasn't busy, but I have texted her first at least once or twice over the last two weeks!

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    • Delete that m..

    • Yes that can also be it. She may worry that it may turn you off. Also that since that the reason her ex said she may be worried that you may feel the same way later on. But she needs to see that she not being clingy just because she wants to talk to her bf or be with him or tell him when she upset about anything etc. she needs to just be her self and just trust you mean what you say and will very much love her for who she is. Just reassure her when she needs it. But there still no harm on also texting her too

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  • You sound like a woman...

    My guess is she took notice of her texting patterns and decided to make a conscious decision not to text you in order to gauge your own interest level.

    This is why mind games are a bad idea.

    If you like the girl and want to talk to her... text her.

    • scratch that... CALL HER.

      Be a man.

    • Lol I realize that I sound like a woman. I am indeed slightly feminine! XD but thanks for the advice, it really does kinda help.