I love her, but she loves someone else?

So I have this friend. She is like the only person I talk to and feel comfortable with and I can tell her anything. She and I both have some issues with our individual pasts but we get along very well. We are both gay. I have liked her since December but she was in a relationship so I never said anything. Now she's not and I was thinking about hinting to her that I like her but she told me that she likes this other girl that she only just met but I guess clicked with. I don't want to not be her friend because I absolutely adore her and everything she says and is and does but is it worth it for me to just sit back and watch it happen and see what happens with the two without her knowing, or do I at least put it out there that I like her more than a friend? Would it be easier for everyone if I just stayed silent?


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  • I think you should tell her, better to know how she feels than to not know at all ya know? Im having problems telling the girl Im in love with how I feel as well so I know what you're going through


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