When to call/text a girl?

obviously all women are aware of all these supposed rules that guys have for calling like wait 2 day, wait 3, etc.

when should you call a girl for a date?

when to call after a first date?


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  • Contacting does not only mean talking... especially when you know she'll be busy. Sent her text, this will show her that you are thinking of her (that's if you are) and very thoughtful of you.

    Avoid texts like'I miss you', I'll delete your number straight. Something more creative along the line 'hope you have a nice day' or 'all work and no play... have a great day' or 'are you looking forward to your trip'. For me it works but girls like things that you remember them telling you.

    Wish you luck!!!

    • hahaha I do. it's just that I haven't because there is so much contradicting advice that I don't know what to believe. ok will, do. I'll send her a text like, "hope you have a wonderful day, good luck on earning money for your trip." or something relating to our conversations.

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  • There are no rules. Contact when and however much you wish! We want to be contacted if we have feelings for you.

    • long story short, I met a girl. we talked. i was very direct with my intentions, and even though she supposedly had a BF she invited me on a date that moment with her & her friend. we all talked, got to know eachother & had some laughs. she said she had a great time, and gave me her #. I called her the next day and she texts me that she's at work. I called texted if she could talk & no reply. I called later and no answer and I left a voicemail. she hasn't called or anything since. what should I do? she told me she was going to be very busy working to have $ for her trip thurs. but she told me to stop by her work as a customer so she could talk to me more.

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    • I'd leave the ball in her court most definitely.

    • ok, thank you.

  • Try not to contact her for a couple days. She may be trying to play hard to get. If you don't acknowledge her for a bit, she just might try to get your attention. If so hold out for a little while but not for too long. Hope that made sense.

    • well when she gave me her # she told me that it would be difficult because she is trying to work as much as possible to have more money for a trip she is going on Thursday. she said 'that doesn't mean I'm not interested in you or seeing you, its just that she is going to be busy'. but that I should go visit her as a customer because she can talk to me better than if I went to visit.

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