A girl/guy hurts you? Please help?

Say someone you REALLY liked, hurt you by refusing dates yet flirted a lot. Basically made you feel as though you had a shot with them for a long time then didn't give you a chance. Was hot/cold and would only chat when it was convenient for them

You stop talking, you get a new partner but you can't fully get over the original interest, out of the blue they message uou via a social metworking site your friends on. They ask how you are, you reply. Then they kinda demand/ask you to make them laugh, they need new funny mates.

Do you ignore it even if you still like them? Do you assume its more games/attention seeking? Do you think they just want more attention from you but nothing more cos they rejected you for a year?

Would you assume they didn't really want you?
by the way it was me who treated him this way. Not him to me :(


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  • Ignore for sure! I mean they never wanted you so why spend any more minute wasting your time on them. Leading anyone is freaking disgusting and shows a person's character for what it is. I get that when feelings are involved it's tempting but what is there to gain ultimately? The only thing it will do is increase your feelings and get your hopes up again and then you are back at square 1. This guy definitely seems to just want fun. I mean if he was truly sorry for what he did and regretted rejecting you he'd surely apologize sincerely and make things right... not ask you to be a "funny mate". If he is serious he'll try to win you over again which he doesn't exactly seem to busy doing... he could have called you or showed up at your door. But he just sent a measly message on social media. If that's all it takes to win your heart back then it's pretty sad! That's how I see it.

    • Thanks. It was actually me who acted this way towarda him. It was an online/phone thing every day for a year andd we both got very attached. The only reason i didn't date/meer him whenever he asked wa cos i lack confidence

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    • Well if someone rejects you then you will still likely be bitter about it so I can see why he said that. Rejection hurts tons. So it's understandable that he still has hurt feelings over it. I know I'm probably still bitter too about guys in my past who hurt me like that and who led me on. But with that said, you sound wise. I can see where you're coming from too. Perhaps someday if he and his gf don't work out you can try to reconcile but for now you've got the right attitude. Try to move on too perhaps you meet another great guy in the mean time. Just don't close yourself off to new opportunities and work on your self esteem.

    • Thanks but its been two years and no guy has compared since. I'm picky. I don't know how to get over him. H e still has some interest in me else why send me that and keep following me? He insisted i was his perfect girl yet she seems very opposite to me. So from what I've said do you think je thought i wasn't seriously interested in him? j

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  • You said it yourself he is playing games, ignore him

  • I ignore. It's healthier.


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