How soon is too soon... honest opinion needed?

Bear in mind that I'm very very new to the dating scene. I don't think it's weird at my age but these years just rolled passed without any warning... Ok

I've been on two dates with this guy and have just recently met him, he does not know the details above so I'm giving you pointers.

First date was not awkward, I enjoyed myself and got a second date before we left. Second date, he was more opened like he hugged me and stroked my shoulder, opened doors. He is a shy and reserved one so I know it must have taken him huge step to do that.

So when we were parting, he hugged me and kissed my forehead in front of everyone at the station. I am not quiet or reserved by any means but I liked that.

So my questions are thus without overthinking things. Men will be men no matter how cool or reserved they are. I'm not that stupid.

A) why did he do that
B) when exactly do you start saying 'hey that's my boyfriend'
C) is this how dating works?

Sorry please don't treat this as stupid, I want a honest answer and really want to know how men think. thanks


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  • In my opinion:
    A) He is a decent guy and wanted to show his affection in a respectable way. Believe it or not, kissing someone on the forehead is the ultimate show of affection... The head contains the brain, which is the center of who you are... your personality.. your thoughts... your emotions... So a very affectionate gesture to kiss someone on the forehead. Way more so than on the lips.
    B) When you know who he truly is and he knows who you truly are... and if you are both happy with that.. consider yourself dating... and yes that would make him you boyfriend ;)
    C) No this is how dating starts

    Nothing stupid about it at all.. good luck and enjoy...

    • Thank you so much, he hasn't kissed me on the lips yet and he has never talked, hinted or spoken about sex. Only cheek and forehead. I really really like him though. But you read all these stuffs and I don't know where my head is at.

      So I guess he's genuine?

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  • well dear
    A) he did that cuz he's dating ya, so well, he would kiss ya in some moment anyways, and cmon, it was just on the forehead, so still is nothing.
    B) when he asks ya to be his girlfriend :/
    C) yeah, things are going very slow between ya both as I can see, but thats how it begins
    all luck dear


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  • A) He obviously enjoyed the date.
    B) Not until you two are actually dating (doesn't seem official yet), remember it's only been two dates. When he's ready to actually be in a relationship with you he'll tell you.
    C) YES, it's how dating workings (when it is working).
    Good luck hun, I believe in you! :D

    • I'm just a bit scared... haven't ever dated before. I got a white man (how cool is that)!!! But I don't want to be a trial and error thing. I really don't want that. I really don't care what other peoples opinion is about interracial dating, it's none of their business anyway and I happen to like this guy. You get my meaning?

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