Girls this question is for you and be honest. Would you ever date a guy like me?

I'm the sweetest guy that you'll ever meet because when they made me they broke that mold. I'm sensitive, compassionate, affectionate, I'm very considerate of others, I'm a great listener, I really love to cuddle, I have a huge heart, I'm very accepting, I'm honest and many more things I bet you would like.

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7 yes, 3 no and 5 maybe. I thought they would be more on "no" then on "yes" and "maybe"


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  • Physically you're not quite my type but everything about your personality is perfect :) I love cuddling and you sound like fantastic boyfriend material. If we were friends first and got close that way (which is what has happened with other male friends I've had) I would definitely consider it. I can imagine a date with you would make me feel very special! :)

    • Hard to believe I had two girlfriends and they both dumped me. Their loss I guess.

  • I think it would depend on chemistry, it's hard to say just based off of a list of traits. But going off the list, if I'm being honest, I don't know how compatible i would be with that person. I'm generally very considerate of others and i don't like confrontation, and so i have trouble telling people what i really think and feel. A lot of the times, I've dated really sweet guys like you've described, and they just have moved a little too fast for me. I don't mean that in a physical sense, but rather an emotional one. They figure out how they feel really quickly, and cause i don't want to hurt their feelings (cause they really are great guys) i don't say anything about how i really feel. Which in general is uncertain and unsure about my feelings. I take a while to really trust people, really open up to them. That's my own issue though. But i still sometimes feel trapped by their feelings, and i feel guilty that i don't feel the same way. Eventually it gets to a point where i become overwhelmed and decide i need to break up for my own sanity, and that never goes well:(
    Sorry for the mumble, but where i am at right now... I think i just want to date someone that i can get to know superficially and have fun with, until i'm comfortable enough to have an actually relationship. Without the cuddles, long talks and intimacy.


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  • I wouldn't think so, the cuties here are lying to themself to make u feel better.
    Nice guys are boring, they prefer jerks that treat them horribly and have arguments everytime cuz they said that its fun for whatever reason.