Will high school break my relationship?

In a month I'm starting high school. I've been with my boyfriend for a good month now (we started dating at the beginning of summer). I'm scared that in September my boyfriend will go after another girl (new classmates, new school,...) I know there are gonna be girls so much prettier and so much better than me. He says that he only wants to be with me,... so I don't know why I'm so affraid. :(


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  • Hun, your afraid but if he truly loves you than I don't see any reason why he would break up but
    your both young , insecure about things.. I'm sure you will both break up and get in other relationships
    but it's not for me to say, it can last forever i seen cases like that too

    • i've seen cases like that too, so I'm sure it can last, but yea, we'll see how things will lead.

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    • <3 thank you so much, and I totally agree with you

    • I hope things work out for you and
      your very welcome xD <3

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  • You're afraid because you are insecure. He could have gone for any girl but went for you. So that is your answer.

    That being said, you're so young, it is unlikely that this relationship will last. Maybe you'll find a better guy. But this is life. It is full of joy and pain.

    • I know love is temporary, but i've seen people close to me to me same age as me and date like 4 years in highschool, and up.., and i've seen my friends in highschool to date eaxhother for 2 years, and I just feel this could be my "long" relationship, if I could make it work, and don't screw up anything..

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  • Yeah haha in high school there are a lottttt of girls. Way more than before. Usually it's a few middle schools combined into one and he might not break up with you but there will definitely be a ton of prettier girls. I'm a senior in high school so feel free to ask me any questions about it. :)

    • yea, I know right, soo many 'new' girls, and like i said sooo many much prettier and better girls , so I'm kinda affraid that he'll go for another girl...
      i'm also scared of the first day as freshman :OO

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    • Hmmm that's weird. Where are you from?

    • Slovenia. It's a different system of schools... if I'm right, in US, u can't choose wich high school are you gonna go.. like: i'm going to Economics high school.. some of them are going to computer programming kind of high school... so I'm not very familliar about high schools in US...