Online dating accounts and relationships?

Tons of people at this point have an OkCupid account or a Tinder profile or POF or something like that. Whether or not they are active is another story.

When you start dating someone, should there be a thing where you two delete your online dating profiles together?

Call me the jealous type, but I really don't like the idea of my gf having an online dating profile. Is that too much to expect?


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  • No I don't think it's too much. I had a okcupid account (more for their test than dating) but I don't see how they would have a problem deleting them once your exclusive and committed.


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  • No it's not. Unless you want an open relationship - which would be cool since you could meet your other friends who are couples and trade gfs for a week or so. Damn, I'd be like Vader "Don't make me destroy you". okay. Yeah.