What Should I Do? [(Bi) 3-way Related Question]?

Recently, my partner broke up with me for only a day because he felt as though I was ‘weighing him down’ and he needed ‘me-time.’ This was definitely my doing because although I’m young, I have a University education and a well-paying job and I was busy planning the future and not partying like a 22 year old and he was doing the latter. He dropped out of high school and has a minimum-wage job but that means nothing to me because it is that crazy (I didn’t believe in it myself) true love at first sight kind of thing.
He mentioned thinking Adam Levine was sexy once or twice but he wouldn’t ever do something with him if given the opportunity.. Well, he would if I would be in the menage as well. I laughed it off but told him I wasn’t in to it because I’m a monogamous person, being bisexual, I’ve had the full spectrum of relationships and out of the 10 I’ve had, 9 have resulted in me being cheated on. Bad luck I guess. But the proposition hurt me and he dropped it.
But now, since he broke up with me I’ve been trying to relax more, started drinking again and socializing and just reaffirming to him often enough how much I truly love him for the long-haul. Then, we were texting the other day while I was at work and I started talking about fantasies. I told him that I thought being tied down and blind folded while he did what he wanted would be a little fun maybe but I wasn’t sure. Then he said “Well, I wouldn't mind a menage." I told him I loved him enough to think about it but now he keeps pointing out guys and asking me if he should try them out first without me. Im bi, its not like I can ask a girl to be in the three way because he's gay. I'm getting worried that he'll like the other guy more and I'll be left in the dust but I don't want to say no to it because I don't want him to leave me again.
I'm worried that he's my one but I'm not his. I feel like my soul loves him more than my heart or head do.


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  • If you're not comfortable with a 3 way, don't do it. I would say "hell no" if my guy asked for a threesome. This guy sounds nice and all but now I think he's in love the the threesome idea and not you.


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