Where do people meet post college?

Just curious..

My friends that found their significant other in college are so lucky. Now that you're out, where are you meeting potential prospects?

I'm really not interested in online dating at this point, so if you've gotten into a relationship since graduating college.. where did you meet?


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  • you need to take some action ;)

    1- Public library... go to the Library for checking out magazines and books you wanna read.. find someone who looks handsome and ask him to help you locate a book. Tell him you don't come often and you don't know how to use the system. He will want to be your knight in shining armour and help you. If he finds you attractive he will ask for your number. Just vibe with him and laugh. Tell him you will have to go for coffee.. if he has nothing much to do.. he will ask if he could join. Bingo.. you have an instant date !

    2- Do the same above in bookstores.. go to the same genre he is standing at and ask him to recommend you a good book. You will chat on your favourite books.. you will laugh and joke around. Again... somewhere in the convo say that you are just relaxing ( indicating that you have free time at the moment ) and that you are gonna get out and grab a coffee because you haven't woken up yet. Hehe. Again.. if he is single and finds you interesting he will ask if he could join or at least ask to hang out later.

    3- Courses: Men love to take a specific type of courses.. Guitar, Do it yourself. Public speaking, theatre

    4-The gym... just go to the gym.. wear something that makes you look hot.. but not slutty.. ask an attractive guy to show you the best techniques in order to avoid injury with weight lifting.. ...

    5- The street... you find a handsome man.. ask him for directions for something that is like 2 mies away.. when he explains to you.. make as if you get him but not entirely.. this might make him want to walk with you for 5 minutes just to show you better.. In those 5 minutes.. chit chat and again.. sound as if you are available for instant coffee. Guys love the company of women. They will cancel or delay plans just to have coffee with you and get your number.

    6- The supermarket: '' Excuse me.. I see you are holding this brand in your hand.. do you recommend it for bla bla

    Good Luck !

    • General advice

      1- smile.. but not like an idiot

      2- Appear interested in what he says

      3- Ignore mobile when ringing or close it

      4- Don't have your headphone on

      5- Don't walk fast.. stroll slowly as if you have nothing to do

      6- Dress conservatively but fashionably.

      7- Be genuinely interested about getting to know them and their lives.. try to relate to what they say from your own life.

      men are everywhere , and you don't need to express a direct interest in them.. Just chit chat like above and they will catch it from there. You are just expanding your opportunity.

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    • Thank you for the most helpful !

    • welcome! Thanks for your input (:

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  • Honestly, I'm having this difficulty, somewhat. Some would say work, but in my experience, finding people who are of a similar age and wavelength at work, with whom there is mutual attraction with, is at best, difficult. There just isn't the choice, post college, sorry, gah, I mean, university. Bloody Americanisation, look what you do to me! Anyhow, back to what I was saying... And then, people come up with all these contrived suggestions, such as the library. It never works. As soon as you're seeking something, it becomes all elusive. So, if you go to the library expecting to meet someone, seldom do you find someone who you are attracted to, and is willing to talk, and then, by some miracle, if it does seem natural to talk, you always have to make a big deal out of it, and get their number. That whole nervous energy permeates all your interaction going forth. So of course, I'm going to advocate sitting back and relax into being single, trying to learn from whatever the experience is supposed to teach you. I guess many of us seek relationships as an escape from whatever we should be doing at the current moment :) Things always happen naturally. You don't need some magnificent effort to accomplish what you want :) But good lifestyle habits and a social life will help in general. In a way, we make the easy, into something hard. The natural becomes unnatural, and then natural again, as my instructor says :)

  • Not really work. Cause work is a conflict of interest. BUT!!! I will give you this one. You do make friends at work, its not good to date people from work cause its a "conflict of interest". If you don't know what that means google it. Now what I have seen happen is, people make friends at work, and then when one person or yourself find another job and they keep in contact with that person they had a friendship with, then it can spring into a relationship because A) you know how the other person was cause you used to work with them or did and B) they know how you are. All you have to do is show some interest and see if it gets received.

    Another place you can meet people is at like family functions, or a friends party, or if one of your friends is having a house warming or a summer BBQ. Heck you can even get spoken to in the grocery store if a guy is also doing his shopping.

    Don't sound so soft about finding someone. It will happen. Have some confidence and it will come.

  • anywhere really. but people mostly meet at places they start working at after college. or the city night life.

  • my guess is at work or at social gatherings with friends from work.

  • While doing sport. Dancing works best ;) Only sociable people do that. But unfortunately for you (fortunately for me) there are not many men doing it..

    But friends of friends are always great. Easy to get to know.


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  • Post college I worked in a hospital and met a lot of guys there (they were in med school or residency) but wasn't really interested in them... but when I got to med school that's where I made a connection and found my BF... I really had a hard time finding people outside of college... maybe through friends or get togethers? Work?