Great conversation on FaceTime and then silent treatment for three days. Then a text message from him two days in a row. What does this imply?

We live 6 hours from each other and talked for two and half hours on FaceTime until 3am in the morning. After the conversation I was under the impression that it went really well and then the next night I sent him a good night text and he sent one back to me. Then I initiated a snapchat the next day and he snapped me back and then I sent one more. Afterwards he sent one back to me showing a huge smile on his face. Then he goes two whole days over the weekend without corresponding with me at all. Once Monday rolls around I receive a text saying, "Hey you. What's up today?" I don't respond at all to him and then he sends me another text on the next day saying, "How's it going?" These signs are signaling to me that he is a game player and even though I really like him I don't see this transpiring into a relationship. What do guys think about this scenario? Do I need to keep giving him silent treatment and see how invested he is at this stage or should I let this one go?


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  • Aussiegirl. What in the hell are you doing? Don't sabotage this before it even has a chance to get off the ground. You're up in your head too much. Over-thinking this. He was in all likelyhood busy on the weekend or he's smart and didn't want to smother you. Most people don't get three hours of actual face-time in a single date, maybe even two. Maybe he felt it was time to back off and let the embers smolder down so's to ignite a new flame.

    Only one playing games here is you. Just being honest. Not judging anyone here.

    You should contact him stat.


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