Seeing a guy whose afraid of commitment, but doesn't mind when people call me his girlfriend?

I have been seeing this guy for just about 3 months now. We are to the point where we don't ask to hang out, we just know that Sundays and Mondays are our days to spend time together. So we just text each other to let each other know when to come over so we can go out and spend the whole day together till Tuesday morning when we both have to work.

Recently he met my parents after some time now. He knew it meant a lot to me because I already met most of his family, so I thought it was fair... right? Before he met my parents we went bowling with his little cousins and his mom and aunt, then he asked me if I wanted to go to my parents campsite. Of course I said yes, but only if he wanted. He said "yeah, i don't want to be an asshole and not meet them after you spent two days with my family."

... does that mean he thought he was forced to meet my parents or no? At least its the effort that he's putting in.

I have my doubts in him sometimes because he is way too good looking, but at the same time I don't. I just think sometimes he is playing me, but if he was... would he invite me to hang with his family for two days straight and then go ahead and meet mine?

Also he doesn't do titles and is afraid of commitment, so his family kept introducing me as his girlfriend and he keeps telling people about me... so that must be a good sign right?


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  • it sounds to me like you are mostly insecure because he is good looking but he has made an effort, seems to communicate, has willingly met your family (I don't think he felt forced but maybe obligated)

    I think you should try and not overly concern yourself with things as long as the relationship is good, and it sounds like it is. the biggest red flags are he is attractive (which isn't a red flag) and the fact that he doesn't like commitments or titles, however his actions would indicate that he is committed to you being his gf and telling people that you are


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  • madhatters4 said it, no way would anyone introduce you to their family if he was just playing you. It's a good sign, he seems committed. Keep communicating and everything will turn out fine :) My friend was seeing her boyfriend for 6 months before they made it official that they were in a relationship.