Why is it less likely for a girl to like a guy back than a guy to like a girl back?

Why is it less likely for a girl to like a guy back than a guy to like a girl back?



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  • Hmm...
    This is my theoretical idea.
    We are all born with genetics (men and women).
    Women have a window gap to be able to reproduce and keep their genetics going.
    Men don't have a limit. Men would want to keep their DNA going and so would have sex with as many women as possible.
    Women only have a few eggs and at this time would have maybe 1-4 children in their lifetime. So women choose carefully on which guy she wants to have a child with because she wants the her baby to carry on healthy, strong, genetics.

    This is a generalization:
    Guys have the instinct to like girls more easily.
    Girls have the instinct to choose carefully about who she likes.

    Though the culture now does not support having many lovers and having sex with many people, that's sort of how it used to be in the past.

    Again, this is a generalization and every person is different. There are guys that do not fall in love easily and tend to not like a girl back and there are girls who would like a lot of people.

    Uhh... So to answer your question, I think it's instinct.

    (I hope nobody's offending by my reasoning >.< I'm sincerely sorry if you are.)

    • So what do us men with not good genetics (for example: being short) do?

    • Hmmm... How do I say this.
      I just talked about history and this is my theory on why girls and guys have these natural instincts.
      Everybody is beautiful in their own way and people who just judge you based on your physical features are assholes (just had to say that). I think you would want to be with a girl who loves you for who you are. Sometimes those are rare just because physical features are the first things we look at. But honestly, to find the perfect girl that will love you back, you need to just be yourself. If you act abnormally and the girl later finds out that you're not the person she was looking for, you're both going to get hurt ;(

      I bet you'll find somebody great someday!
      We still have time right?
      Is there a girl that you love?
      Be YOU around her. Just never try to act like anybody else. Ever. Don't let anyone change you.

      Sorry, feel like I'm not answering correctly. Haha.
      Good luck!

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  • Typically it takes longer for them. Men are visual creatures while women are more about personality. Yes, I get that women have to be attracted to but, I think for the most part, mature ladies go for the personality, over looks (young girls typically are only looking for fun, usually seen in hot men)


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  • girls have super egos... plus they r never short of men in their lives... new options are readily available to just switch and move on.

    • yeah, boys are like shoes. there are some pairs that are your favorite for a while, some pairs that you think you will never get rid of but end up getting torn up, some pairs are your back-up shoes when you don't have anything else to wear, and of course, the one pair of shoes that never wears down, the more you wear them, the better they are. the pair you will never throw away. (husband)

    • Pfft. I dont want to be some girl's back-up.

  • I don't know maybe we have higher standards


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