Does UK online dating suck or is it just me?

I here a lot from my American friends how they constantly keep getting dates from online dating websites.

Here in the UK, I use OKCupid and have not got a single successful date. I'm pretty average looking so it's not a matter of looks, I think.

So are we British just bad at the online dating world or is it just my crappy experience?


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  • Chances are, your American friends are lying about their great experience with online dating. The online dating market is virtually the same throughout the world. Men, ages 18-45 mostly, do the vast majority of initiating while most women sit back and choose who pleases them based on very few details in a matter of seconds.

    You have to be in the top 1% (maybe less) of guys to have that kind of pull where girls will actually seek you out. This includes rugged good looks, high salary, social status, an a degree that she can brag to her friends about.

    For everyone else, you're basically in the pool with 18-45 year olds gunning for the same girls. Yeah, good luck with that Joe. I know for a fact that I don't have the looks/accolades to woo girls my age the same way a 30 year old can, it's hardly a fair matchup. Yet, this is reality. Girls like older guys and this enables the direct superficial comparisons that leave you befuddled and dejected.

    Online dating is not great for guys. It really isn't. Your best bet is to work on your game in person where the superficial aspect isn't weighed so heavily in a girl's decision to get to know you. Not only that, there is far less immediate competition in most cases. Try that out and let me know what you think.


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  • Maybe you should try these dating websites :
    mancrunch. com
    realjock. com
    ohmojo. com


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  • I tried few online dating sites for few months like 3 or 4 years ago and I never had any luck. And I am from America so it depends on the guy. By the way, I don't think being "pretty average looking" is good enough for most girls on online dating sites. Unless the guy shows his income is in high figures. A guy who is really good looking shouldn't have a problem with girls anywhere, whether real life dating or online dating and location shouldn't matter. If he isn't confident enough to approach, he'll still have girls approaching him.