Why would a guy say that he's going to a place full of girls to his girlfriend?

well, the guy i'm in love with for 5 years is being mean and I don't know if he meant to make me sad or he's just saying it
I wanted to hang out with him so he said he can't because he's going to his friend's place ,, and he said his name and I know that dude he always got bad girls around

My boy and I broke up for two weeks now and we started talking as we always do.. just simple talk until we hang.

the thing is he said he's going to this dude's place and then i told him after that can we go out? he said no he's bringing his girls. then he asked if i want to come but i said no.

the thing is why he said """ he's bringing his girls""" whats the point of saying it? he knows i get jealous and i don't really wanna know if there's a girl.

what does he mean? and what am I suppose to do? I understand that this is the way he lives his life, he got girls as friends and that his boys always pull him into gathering and parties that I don't like to include myself to because a place full of bi*ches isn't really a place i wanna go, but seriously why would he share that stupid detail with me since he knows i easily get jealous?


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  • Honestly from what you've said it seems he isn't that into you and he's letting you know. It could also be that he's trying to make you jealous. He might have started to like some of the girls who frequent the parties that you never attend and has the mindset that he can have you and flirt around at the parties. I think you really just need to calmy invite him to a park and ask him to talk. Though he might hate it at first it's best for both of you. Ask him what'sgoing on and why he's doing that, but try not to get upset no matter what. Be mature about it and let him know, that you need to know. It's not fair to you.

    • for years he wanted me to go with him but at the same time he's happy that I don't do these stuff saying he's proud of me... i guess he wants to hurt me though i hurt him but i didn't mean it,, but he already hurt me and this is the second time saying he's meeting girls i think it's stupid i don't deserve all this...

    • Like I said, try to talk to him but I think instead of going in with hopes of geting back together, go in hopinf to get closure if you need it, and tell him you can't be in anything like that and you can't start another on off rocky relationship that could end at any time. He needs to know that it's time you got over him because it sounds like it isn't fair to either of you.

    • i will test my patience one more time, until i feel like i can let it go forever.. and i think i will talk to him about it but to be honest i'm done talking he always end up promising me stuff then he breaks them as if it's nothing..

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  • My dear Wixie, you have answered your very own question.

    From my experience I can tell you right now that as much as you may love him, he is not the one for you girl. Keep your eyes open. Never know what may be just around the corner.

    Cool screen name by the way.

    • First, thank youu..
      I told myself for long time he's not the one for me, but then so many things shows that he is but he needs to man up a little, he thinks he's a full man. the dude he's going to is 30 and he's not even married and my man is 24 but since those are the guys he hangs with he thinks it's ok to do what he does.. i really hate when a good person turns bad because of the people he hangs with.. my eyes are opened but I close one eye to keep up with him yet it is really hard to be in a relationship with such a guy.. i'm stuck to be honest... :/

  • He is indifferent about your on again off again relationship. He is needling you with what he is doing and other women.
    Your relationship sounds rocky at best. I would suggest getting yourself in order and move on from him. Let him go do his running around and figure out what you need/want and set forth.

    • this is the problem he wants to explore things and i always let him go but he always comes back to me since we we're teenagers, and he knows those girls aren't anything but bi*ches he wouldn't have future with, i talk to no one but him and he knows that, should i meet guys so he knows what it feels like?

    • Just let him go permanently. Let him do what he wants. You do what you want. Who cares how it affects him. As long as you allow him to run around and then take him back, he will keep using you when he has nothing else going on.

  • Looks like he wants to make you jealous, You could be bold and just accompany him there. As HIS girl.
    If the girls try to mess with him and ask who you are, just say with a serious face "I'm his girlfriend, why?".
    Sad, that he's playing games with you. After such a long relationship he could be a little bit more serious than going to a house full of "chicks".


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