Do recent breakups cloud a guys judgement when meeting new women? Or can a guy really develop Strong feelings in only a week?

I have gone on a couple dates with this guy and we just get along great. We both really like each other and we told each other that.

He seems very serious about me for sure. Always asking questions about me, being respectful, sweet compliments, etc. He told me he's looking for a serious relationship.

He tells me I'm different than other girls and he gave me all these reasons why- basically the way I think and carry myself. He told me he's genuinely very attracted to me as well.

We have so much in common and he always brings up how special I am because of how alike we are, how happy he is to have met me, etc.

He's basically an amazing guy. The slight problem is that he broke up with a serious gf roughly three to four months ago. I've also only known him for a little over a week.

I talked with him and we Both agreed we should go slowly and take it easy.

Is his recent breakup clouding his judgement? Or is it possible for a guy to really like a girl that much that quickly?


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  • A guy on the rebound is usually just as emotionally confused as any woman would be if that gives you any insight.

    • I told him I didn't want to be his rebound and he said I'm not. But he is likely just confused right? :/ I dont think he has any bad intention but he might just be confused.

      Do you think it's a good thing that he agreed to take it slowly with me?

    • That's smart of you. No reason to rush things. Give him time to heal whether he thinks he needs it or not. Trying to do something this soon after a breakup will only mess up something that could have worked if you two had only given it some time first. I've been there and even though I honestly believed I was good at the time, looking back on it I definitely wasn't and it caused a lot of problems. Funny how your mind tricks you that well.

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  • Yes, it can, but he broke up almost half a year ago now, so I don't think he is clouded. Why? He's going easy, he agreed to take it slow, and it doesn't sound like he has tried to bust a move.

    • He definitely hasn't been to forward with me sexually or anything. The most he's done is hug me and touch my hand.

      He said everyone is different and he thinks he's fine because he is done with her. He did tell me they are still friends though- he doesn't like to end relationships on a bad note he said.

      Do you think I should be worried?

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    • Nah you shouldn't be worried at all. He's obviously very into you, so I say it's okay.

    • Okay. Thank you!

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