Anyone know of a guy like this? What's the deal?

Always tried to "one up" me
Always had to be right
Always said that I started arguments (even when there's evidence in text that I didn't)
Would tell me what he wanted but then when I did what he wanted he got annoyed
Thought I was always annoyed, even when I was in a good mood but HE was the one that was actually always annoyed
Said he does certain things bc he knows it annoys me
Makes sure he tells me how hot every girl is that he talks about
Makes sure to tell me that all of his ex's are drop dead gorgeous, even though he's average looking AND MOODY
So quick to tell me everything that annoys him about me but gets angry when I ask him to tell me what he likes about me (never did)
Always tells me what I need to work on in the relationship but never admits to his wrong doings
Says I play victim when I tell him these things upset me

Writing this out it looks like I dodged a bullet. I ended this relationship last week. However, I know that he's going to come back and try again bc in the beginning we had a really strong connection that neither of us had felt before. I'm pretty shy and quiet so I'm not sure if he's doing this bc he thinks he can or if its just how he is. Are these things that can be fixed or should I just run for the hills without looking back? I'm confused if these things are pre cursors for physical/emotional abuse.

Girls, have any one of u ever been with a guy like this?
Men, have any one of you used to be this guy?



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  • This guys obviously got a lot of baggage. Doesn't mean he's necessarily less or more of man than any other. He could be labeled 100 different ways but it won't change the facts.

    Bottom line is do you wanna be along for the emotional Six Flags park this guy is going to take you to every time you interact?

    Perhaps it wiser to find someone with less issues.


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