I don’t quite know how I should write on the poster I drew for him. should I say to him from me or love. We have never said “I love you” so... yeah?

Here is a little bit of explaining before I ask you my main question.
I have been dating someone since march 30/14. So we are only going on about the fourth month dating. We both have busy schedules, and we live in different towns. Thankfully we can see each other on weekends since we have the weekends off work then. This guy is making an effort to see me on weekends which is lovely. But we only see each other every two to three weeks? If we are lucky every other week, it just varies with how busy our schedule is. So because we don’t see each other a lot, I feel as though I still don’t know him really well. And so here’s the deal, we have not mad it official that we are officially bf gf. I’m still unsure with where we stand with dating. There was one incident where I had him come out to a cottage party with my friends. And one person came up to both of us and asked if he was my boyfriend. I didn’t really answer her because I didn’t really know. It was kind of an awkward situation. The guy I’m seeing said right after the person left. “Have you been telling people that I’m your boyfriend?” I said “ no…” >.> at that point I was feeling pretty awkward. then he said “ awe muffin (really stupid name to nick name someone that you like…but anyway lol off topic) he finished with saying “It’s okay” and we never really discussed it further since then. We have had lots of nice dates and hangouts since then but I just need to establish for sure if we are official or what it is that is going on between us. I’m going to clear that up on our next date. (I am going to post the other half of my note since it will only let me type so much here)

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ugh I can only post so much lol anyway here is what I what I was trying to get at. I painted a poster in water color of his favorite car. But I don’t quite know how I should write on it to him from me. We have never said “I love you to one another”
Any suggestions? What do you think would be fine to say on it? just don’t want to make it awkward since I’m still unsure about how he feels about us dating.
Any opinions would be very helpful, thank you. :)


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  • Well for example if you say "Love, Muffin" it would mean the same thing as "Sincerely, Muffin" or "Yours Truly, Muffin". Saying "love, muffin" doesn't mean the same thing as "i love you".

    • lol yeah that's true. but I wouldn't put muffin on his poster. that's something he likes to call me. I decided to just say "To: *his name* with a heart symbol and then i signed it with my own name. :)

    • Thats great too :) i'm sure he'll love it